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Personal data protection and GDPR audit

Personal data protection audit

Personal data protection audit conducted by iSecure specialists serves to identify all processes related to personal data processing. During the audit we examine in particular:

  • what personal data records are in customer’s possession and what is the position of this ownership (data controller, processor)
  • criteria of legality of personal data in customer’s possession (clauses, informative responsibilities, data processing principles
  • organizational and procedural measures applied (implemented security policies, circulation of documentation procedures etc.)
  • technical measures applied (method of resources protection on workstations, mobile computers, servers etc.)
  • other factors that might have impact on personal data protection


Official result of the audit is a final report presented to the management. Reports issued by iSecure include:

  • actual state description
  • description of discrepancies with indication of their grounds
  • risk assessment suggested corrective actions (recommendations)
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