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RODO Seminars

IOD course: Data Protection Officer (IOD)

The purpose of our course (provided since 2010 as Data Security Administrator (ABI) course) is to prepare the persons who want to act as Data Protection Officer (IOD), for proper fulfilling the duties pursuant to the law regulations (RODO, domestic regulations) as well as resulted from good practices (ie. parts of ISO 27001 standard, guidelines of Working Party Art. 29 - now European Data Protection Board).

Our trainers (Katarzyna Ułasiuk, Olga Skotnicka, Michał Sztąberek) are specialists with a long-time, practical, professional experience related to consulting in personal data protection area, including acting as IOD.

Among the topics we discuss during the course are the following issues, inter alia:

  • How to prepare RODO audit?
  • How RODO implementation process should proceed in organization?
  • What are the data processing implications of allowance?
  • How effectively obtain the consent for data processing and fulfill informative obligations?
  • What is profiling, which RODO refers to, and how to profile to remain in compliance with the regulations?
  • How to establish relations between a collector and data subject?
  • How to respect new rights given to data subjects (right to be forgotten, right to data portability, etc.)?
  • What does it mean, that technical and organizational measures shall be selected on the risk assessment basis?
  • How security policy should look like in terms of RODO regulations?
  • What is data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and who is obliged to perform it?
  • How to deal with the obligation to personal data protection infringement notification?
  • What are the potential consequences if RODO requirements are not implemented in organization?


Cost: 1000 PLN net price (23% of VAT shall be added to this amount)

Location: Warsaw

The proximate course will take place on ...

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