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Closed trainings

Closed training is one of the best methods to obtain the knowledge customized for particular customer. The process of preparing such seminar is always preceded by verification of customer’s needs, when potential participants have an opportunity to indicate their fields of interest. We also customize a timeline, schedule, location and even a formula of training, as we are able to provide class, instructor-led seminar or webinar, depending on customer’s preferences.

Our trainers (Katarzyna Ułasiuk, Olga Skotnicka, Michał Sztąberek) are professionals with long term, practical experience related to consulting on the field of personal data protection and fulfilling ABI (IOD) responsibilities. As a result, a customer receives knowledge covering the most relevant legal questions, IT issues as well as know-how resulted from good practices (inter alia ISO 27001 standard, guidelines of Working Party Art. 29, GIODO indications).

Since 2010, when our company was founded, we have provided hundreds of trainings related to personal data protection – for corporations, enterprises and departments.

Michał Sztąberek
President of the board
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