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Personal data protection and GDPR audit

GDPR audits and implementation

Wdrożenie RODO
RODO audits are performed to verify the actual level of personal data protection and evaluate how an organization is prepared for changes that should be implemented according to General Data Protection Regulation (RODO/GDPR).

Audit of a processor

Audyt ochrony danych osobowych
An audit of the processor conducted by iSecure experts serves to verify whether the processor to whom personal data is to be entrusted has implemented appropriate solutions to protect the rights of the individuals whose data is to be processed.

Outsourcing of DPO (Data Protection Officer)

Outsourcing ABI
The most effective form of cooperation is to entrusts us with the tasks and duties dedicated to Data Protection Officer (DPO). Its greatest advantage for the client is that it ensures the security of personal data processing in a cost-effective manner.

Preparing of documentation

Opracowanie dokumentacji wdrożenia systemu ochrony danych osobowych
Necessary component of personal data protection system implementation is developing of documentation required by law. Lack of it is a frequent discrepancy we discover during audits.

Audit of Data Protection Officer appointment

Audyt bezpieczeństwa informacji - ABI
As part of our review of the principles for appointing a Data Protection Officer and ensuring that the DPO performs his or her functions, we check the extent to which the entity appointing the DPO fulfills the issues referred to in the 27 questions provided by the Polish Data Protection Authority
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