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GDPR e-learning

GDPR e-learning

We provide an e-learning platform in a self-study mode - individual training on the data protection anytime, anywhere.

The iSecure e-learning makes it possible to familiarise oneself with the basic principles arising from GDPR. The participant of such training goes through the successive stages of the training on his/her own, including discovering the answers to questions, listening to the lecturer's instructions or adjusting the pace of the information displayed, to which he/she can always return during the training.

The training ends with a test to check the knowledge acquired.

Our e-learning makes it possible to train employees in both Polish and English. In the course of our work, we often encounter the need to reach employees with information on the basic principles of data protection and the requirements of GDPR, who use English at work on a daily basis (due most often to their functioning in international capital groups). To meet such needs, we encourage all companies that would like to conveniently comply with the obligation to familiarise with the data protection regulations employees who speak not only Polish, but also English, to use our e-learning in the English version.


GDPR e-learning - who can be interested?

The e-learning is designed for companies that want to train and document the training of employees who process personal data within the organisation (in line with the principle of accountability). Our platform can be very useful for the Data Protection Officer (DPO), who, with its help, can effectively carry out one of his primary duties, which is to raise staff awareness of data protection through training of those involved in processing operations.

Our e-learning is also aimed at individuals who have a desire to acquire data protection knowledge or improve their qualifications.


What do you gain?
Companies Individuals
all employees/co-workers trained in a short period of time - all you need is internet access get to acquire or review knowledge in an interactive online way, without leaving home
newly recruited employees trained on an ongoing basis any place, time and pace of training
allowing a trained and informed employee/co-worker to work improving qualifications and complementing competences
compliance with the principle of accountability under GDPR examination of the content in the form of a knowledge test at the end of the training course
information about the trained employees/co-workers and a documented report about each training (information about the date and scope of the training and the result of the test of the participants' knowledge) confirmation of the completion of the training (documentation of the date, the scope of the training and the result of the test)
cost and time optimisation
10% discount on other GDPR/ISO training courses from the iSecure offer


How does it work?
Companies Individuals
you notify us of the number of participants to be trained or the need to train a new employee you notify us of your wish to participate in the training
we accept your registration (for more than 100 participants by prior agreement on price), answer your questions we will accept your registration, answer your questions

we agree on a start date for training

we agree on all other aspects before you start the training, in order to address your concerns (including the form and timing of payment)

we receive the list of users, set up access accounts we set up an access account
we launch access for 3 months we launch access for 1 month

after the expiry of the aforementioned deadline, we will provide you with proof of training


How much does it cost?
Companies Individuals

34 PLN net/user*

*in case of over 100 users the price is agreed with us individually

34 PLN net/user


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