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Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Is your company ready for a flood or construction disaster?

Do your employees know what to do in the event of the sudden unavailability of the CEO or IT administrator?

Is your company prepared not only to survive any threat, but to maintain business continuity in the process?

If the answer to the above questions was no, then our services are just for you. Our services mean security for your company.


Why is it important to have a business continuity plan?

  • The sudden bankruptcy of a hosting provider may result in the loss of all the information developed over the years, make contact between the company's branches and also with clients impossible, or even make it impossible to provide services to clients, at the same time destroying the image developed over the years irretrievably.
  • The lack of a procedure regulating the storage of passwords to administrator accounts in the company's IT systems may cause irreparable damage to the company in the event of a lack of access to resources, and thus the possibility of updating systems in the event of the loss of the main IT specialist. Do you know how to protect yourself from such a risk? 
  • Sudden and unintentional encryption of all data on IT systems can make it impossible to work through IT systems. Is the company prepared for downtime due to a ransomware attack or loss of access to information processed through conventional means, such as paper?


Business continuity plans - aims and objectives

The main objective of business continuity plans is to protect companies from activities that are usually of low probability of occurrence but have potentially catastrophic consequences. Such effects may in turn involve the cessation of the organisation's operations or significant costs to the company. A business continuity plan involves indicating exactly what actions are to be carried out and by whom in the event of a specific event, such as an outbreak or blizzard. In such situations, does the company have an 'emergency' instruction in place, e.g. is it able to introduce a remote working model? Who decides on the introduction of remote working? Who oversees the working hours of people working remotely, in the event of an event that prevents employees from reaching the office?


As part of our activities:

  • we develop crisis management plans
  • we implement Business Continuity Plans and Business Continuity Management Programmes based on the requirements of the ISO 22301:2012 standard
  • we conduct tests and exercises of the implemented Business Continuity Management Systems or Business Continuity Plans
  • we organise training to teach how to develop Business Continuity Plans


Our specialists on the iSecure team have extensive theoretical knowledge backed by years of practice. As part of the Business Continuity Plan service, we will, among other things, identify areas critical to the company's operations, prepare a plan to avoid paralysing the company and incurring unnecessary costs by introducing the required solutions (e.g. we will help to develop a crisis management structure and plan, suggest how to deal with sudden crisis situations), as well as, if necessary, conduct staff training on the implemented business continuity procedures to ensure efficient and effective operation despite adverse conditions.

We will also train those willing to learn more about how business continuity plans should be developed.

Our service is not just about creating documentation. As part of the service, we also carry out testing and exercises to verify already implemented business continuity plans or entire business continuity management systems. Each exercise and test is concluded with a report describing the non-conformities detected and the areas that can be improved.


We approach the subject in a comprehensive manner, ensuring the greatest possible satisfaction for the client. We always act in consultation with the client so that, as part of the service, the client is not made uncomfortable by our presence.

Katarzyna Ułasiuk-Delamare
Member of the Board
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