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Action plans for telecommunications service providers in situations of emergency

Under Article 176a (2) of the Act of 16 July 2004 - Telecommunications Act, telecommunications companies are required to have up-to-date and agreed action plans for special threat situations. iSecure can support your company in these activities.

The purpose of drawing up plans is to prepare organisational and material undertakings in accordance with the anticipated threat, making it possible to maintain or restore the provision of telecommunications services, first of all to bodies coordinating rescue actions and services established by law to provide assistance, as well as other entities performing tasks for defence, state security and public safety and order, and secondly to other users.

The plan is drawn up for the area in which the entrepreneur has its own telecommunications infrastructure.

Entities forming a capital group may draw up a joint action plan, for all entities forming the group.


Our offer includes:

  • assistance in applying, or applying on the basis of a power of attorney, to the relevant authorities for access to the data necessary to develop plans
  • an analysis of potential specific threats in the area where the activity is carried out, an assessment of their impact on your own telecommunications infrastructure and the ability to maintain continuity of telecommunications activity
  • analysis of reported needs concerning the provision, maintenance and restoration of telecommunications services and telecommunications access in the context of the entity''s capabilities
  • preparation of procedures for cooperation with authorities and relevant entities and services
  • development of the required plan and assistance in its reconciliation or its reconciliation under a power of attorney

We have several years of experience in drawing up, updating and agreeing plans of action for telecommunications entities in situations of special threats, and our professionalism in this activity is confirmed by the fact that clients return to us to update previously drawn up plans.

We have also gained experience in creating plans for the entities forming groups of companies, which was made possible by the relevant legislation in 2017.

Michał Sztąberek
President of the Board
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