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There is so much talk about data protection in HR and we know that it is important. Even though GDPR has already been in force since 2018, you may still encounter problematic or controversial issues in practice that would take a long time to find a clear answer to.


- you know the basics of GDPR,

- you do not want to make another "GDPR resume" once again or spend most of the training repeating definitions,

- you encounter problematic situations in practice that cannot be solved by looking only at the general provisions,

- you expect concrete information and practical answers,

our training is for you!


We know the theory, but we are practitioners and, having performed DPO or advisory functions ourselves, we know what specifically causes difficulties in the application of GDPR in HR.

To meet your expectations, we have prepared a unique, one-of-a-kind training where you will get a lot of practical knowledge and concrete answers!


  • practical knowledge - discussion of GDPR issues in HR with concrete examples,
  • a certificate of completion,
  • training materials (presentation and recording of the training),
  • an accessible form of training - online, from a place that is most convenient for you,
  • the opportunity to exchange experiences with other training participants,
  • free GDPR support (the participant can take advantage of 1 hour of advice - up to one month after the training),
  • a 20% discount on our GDPR e-learning for employees (up to six months after the training),
  • selected ebook for free (from our online shop offer) and additionally a 20% discount on all our materials in the aforementioned shop - ebooks, training (up to six months after the training).



BLOCK I - problematic aspects in recruitment

  1. Consent in recruitment -  is it always needed?
  2. Models of cooperation between the employer and the recruitment agency and the legal basis for the transfer of data between them.
  3. Verification of job candidates on social media - is such screening acceptable?
  4. Covert recruitments - is it possible to conduct them?
  5. References, skills verification (tests), candidate assessment - how to confirm a candidate's competence under the GDPR?
  6. Automated decision-making in recruitment - can an algorithm help us?
  7. Storing candidate data after recruitment - legal basis and conditions to be met.
  8. Employee referral system - what aspects to look out for?

BLOCK II - Problematic aspects in employment

  1. Employee consent - what does the Polish Labour Code allow and what conditions of consent does it provide for?
  2. Image processing - we will discuss specific situations and specific grounds.
  3. Processing of private contact data - when is it possible?
  4. Temporary employees - what is the employer's role?
  5. Popular employee benefits - employer and service provider statuses, and the basics of data sharing.
  6. Video surveillance - what to look out for to be compliant?
  7. Email monitoring - what requirements should be met?
  8. Monitoring of company vehicles - is it permissible and under what conditions?
  9. Working time recorders with data readers - how to use specific software without violating employee privacy?
  10. Whistleblowers - specific requirements in addition to general requirements.
  11. Departure of an employee and the contents of his/her email account - what can be done with the personal data stored in such an account?



Online training   

We deliver GDPR training in HR remotely (online) - the trainee connects from a location convenient to him/herself. Adequate internet access and comfortable equipment (e.g. computer, headphones - whichever you prefer) are important.

Price: PLN 500 net (23% VAT should be added to the given amount).

Training at this price will be organised if at least 4 participants register.


These conditions refer to the training in Polish. If you wish you to have a training in English (individual or for groups of employees) please contact with us.



Upcoming dates we will announce soon. In the meantime please feel free to contact us at:



Registering for a training course involves placing an order in our shop, so we ask you to go through the following steps to register your participation:

  1. click on the date of the selected training course,
  2. once you have reached the product page (of the selected training), add the training to your basket,
  3. go to the basket by clicking on the graphic with the completed basket or "View basket",
  4. confirm your order (registration for the training course),
  5. fill in and send the order form (registration for the course) in further steps.
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